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How to add an ads

 How to publish an announcement on the website for the sale of goods, for example Second Hand.

 To place an advertisement for the sale of second-hand goods, you need to go to the page Publish a listing.

Next, you need to select the category of goods sold second-hand.

 Select a second-hand sale ad category

Main categories - clothes, special clothes, Underwear, shoes, accessories, textilestoys, free  you can not choose.

 Title of ads second hand and description of goods sold.

Next in the publication of the announcement is the indication of the price, adding a photo.

 Price and photos Second hand goods

When adding a photo of a second-hand goods for sale, black rectangles may appear in the photo field. This sometimes happens if you use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

If you don’t want to change your browser, try downloading the photo several times.

When adding photos via Google Chrome, this happens very rarely.

Next, select the approximate geographic location of the location of the goods sold second hand pointing to the country, region, city.

Fill out seller information - name or pseudonym, email address.

It is also advisable to fill out additional information about the second-hand goods for sale - product status, seasonality, purpose, size, other parameters.

second hand goods filters

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Your ad has been published.


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Successful sales!

POST your ADS for FREE! Публикуйте свои объявления БЕСПЛАТНО!