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Terms and Conditions. Part 1


on the provision of services on the website

Part 1


1. An individual entrepreneur (hereinafter - FLP) publishes this Public Agreement (Agreement and / or Offer) on the provision of services on the FLP website This Agreement governs the use of the site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), between the "User" and the "FLP".
2. This Agreement is a public agreement, and in case of acceptance (acceptance) of the conditions set forth below, any capable individual or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the User) is obligated to comply with the terms of this Agreement.
3. In this Agreement, the terms indicated below have the following meanings:
- Offer – the FLP public offer addressed to any competent individual and / or legal entity to conclude a Public Agreement with him on the provision of services on the terms contained in this Agreement, including all of its applications;
- Acceptance –full acceptance by the User of the terms of the Agreement;
- Website – Internet resource, which is a collection of information and intellectual property contained in an information system (including a computer program, a database, graphic design of an interface (design), etc.), access to which is provided from various user devices connected to the network Internet, through special software for viewing web pages (browser) at ( ) (including domains of the following levels related to these addresses) or mobile applications administered by the FLP and representing a communication platform for the placement of temporary classified ads;
- User – site visitor ;
- Business user – site visitor , using the Site for business purposes, and corresponds to at least one of the characteristics specified in this Agreement. A user can be considered a Business user, regardless of whether such a user is registered as a business entity in the manner prescribed by law, or carries out such activities without proper registration;
- Product - any product, property, vehicle or other offer in respect of which the User places an Ad on the site.
- Service – any operation that is not a delivery of goods related to the provision of a service that is consumed in the process of performing a certain action or performing a certain activity to satisfy the personal needs of the customer;
- Site Services – any paid and free services or services provided by FLP using the Site;
- Account – The User’s electronic account in the functional system of the Site, with which he can manage his ads on the Site. Only one User can use an account, data transfer for access to an account to another User (another person) is not allowed;
- Registration – acceptance by the User of an offer to conclude this Agreement and the procedure during which the User, by filling in the appropriate forms of the Site, provides the necessary information about himself to use the services of the Site and gain access to certain Services of the Site. Registration is considered completed only if all its stages have been successfully completed in accordance with the instructions published on the Site;
- Personal data - this is information or a collection of information about an individual that, with their help, is identified or can be specifically identified.
- Ad Placement -this action of the User is the publication or activation of a single advertisement. Placement is also a change in an existing advertisement, if such a change involves a change and / or addition of a product, a change in the essential characteristics of a product, a change in a region.
Using the Site Services means that the User is familiar with this Agreement, understands and accepts its terms. Starting to use any service of the Site, installing the application, or passing the registration procedure, the User confirms his legal capacity and acceptance of the terms of the Agreement in full, without any reservations or exceptions. In case of disagreement of the User with any of the provisions of this Agreement in whole or in part, the User is not entitled to use the services of the Site and must leave this site and / or remove the application from the device.
4. FLP offers the User the services of using the Site to post information about the goods sold and / or purchased (services) for the purpose, including, but not exclusively, of the subsequent purchase or sale of various goods and services to other Users.
5. Services are provided to the User free of charge, unless it is indicated that these are paid services.
6. The Site is an Internet platform that allows Sellers to place offers at their own risk and address an indefinite number of people to make a transaction regarding the Goods that the Seller is entitled to dispose of (make offers), and Buyers to accept, at their discretion and at their own risk, offers placed on the Site by Sellers, entering into a corresponding transaction with the Seller. All transactions are concluded between users directly. Thus, the FLP is not a participant (organizer, intermediary, agent or representative of any User) of User transactions, but only provides a communication trading platform for posting buy and sell announcements.


1. The user places ads on the Site after filling out a special form indicating the parameters of the offered goods or services. To account for the number of posted ads per unit, 1 (one) placement is taken.
2. The User has the right to register on the Site in order to obtain additional services by filling out a form indicating a valid email address to which only the User has access, as well as other data necessary for registration.
3. Using the capabilities and services of the Site, both registered and unregistered Users means an obligation to follow the rules of this Agreement, rules for using the services of the Site.
4. The user is responsible for all actions using his email address and password to enter the Site. The user has the right to use the services of the Site only with his own email address and password. In the case of transferring data for access to the account to another User (another person), such an account may be blocked at the discretion of the FLP.
5. The user agrees to keep the password confidential and not disclose it to third parties.
6. The user is obliged to immediately change the data for entering the Site, if he has reason to suspect that his email address and password used to enter the Site can be used by third parties.
7. A user who places ads on the sale of goods or services on the Site agrees to post information about them in accordance with this Agreement and the instructions presented on the Site and provide accurate and complete information about the product or services and the conditions for their sale. By posting information about a product or service, the User confirms that he has the right to sell this product or provide this service in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the countries in which they are sold.
8. The user guarantees that the goods / services offered by him comply with the quality standards established by the legislation of the countries for which they are sold and are free from the claims of third parties.
9. The User guarantees that the services offered by him, if the provision of them requires special permission, will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the laws of countries whose special bodies will be authorized to oversee such activities of the User.
10. The user is obliged to carefully check all information about the goods and services posted by him on the Site, and, if incorrect information is found, add the necessary information to the description of the product or service. If this is not possible, correct the incorrect information by canceling the ad and re-posting information about the product or service.
11. The user agrees not to provide active support and not to disseminate information about the services provided by competitors of the FLP, somehow, but not exclusively:
information about other bulletin boards, trading floors, online auctions and / or online stores, online resources offering goods and services prohibited from sale on the Site.
12. FLP has the right to move, complete or extend the period of demonstration of the goods or services of the User for technical reasons under the control or out of control of the FLP. FLP has the right to stop displaying the announcement if the User has registered a product or service, in violation of the terms of this Agreement or applicable law.
13. User prohibited:

  • Post the same ads from the same email address / mobile number;
  • Post ads similar in content, where it’s obvious that we are talking about the same proposal;
  • Duplicate duplicate ads from different email addresses / mobile numbers;
  • Post ads in a section that does not match the content of the ad;

Post ads that include repeating punctuation and / or non-letter characters;

  • Post ads whose description and / or title / photos are unrelated, unreadable;
  • Post ads offering multiple products and services at once;
  • Insert links to any Internet resources in the ad;
  • Place an advertisement for a product or service, if such placement may lead to a violation of law enforcement;

14. It is forbidden to place ads promoting sales:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • cigarettes and tobacco products;
  • narcotic substances and precursors;
  • pornographic materials or objects;
  • pharmacological products, medicines;
  • stolen, illegally obtained goods;
  • items of danger to life and health;
  • nonexistent goods;
  • human organs and animal organs;
  • special technical means of tacit information;
  • state awards;
  • personal documents, as well as forms of these documents;
  • databases;
  • firearms, cold weapons, traumatic weapons, as well as ammunition and components for them;
  • special means of active defense used by law enforcement agencies;
  • walrus fangs, elephant and mammoth tusks, as well as precious metals and precious stones;
  • rare and prohibited for sale animals, including animals listed in the CITES international convention (on trade in rare and endangered species of flora and fauna).

FLP has the right to remove ads at the request of the copyright holder or the competent state authorities. FLP also reserves the right to remove any ads that, in its opinion, do not comply with the principles and principles of public morality. The decision to remove is final and cannot be appealed..
15. Ads must correspond to the country, geographic area and city selected in the corresponding functional settings of the Site.
16. It is allowed to place one ad regarding one specific subject, property, vacancy, service.
17. Announcements may be selective post or pre-moderation by FLP or its representatives.

Part 2 (continued)

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